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Find a dentist

If you have dental benefits through AmeriHealth, you can quickly search for network dentists by using the online directory to:

  • Search by dentist or practice name, location, or specialty
  • Compare dentists
  • Get more information such as languages, ages treated, accepting new patients, gender, handicap accessible
  • View, print, download, and email personalized directories
  • View and print a dentist's location on a map and directions

How did you get dental insurance?

  • On my own — plans for individuals and families
    Search dental providers
  • Through my job (non-PA-based employer) — group dental benefits
    Search dental providers
  • Through my Pennsylvania-based employer — group dental benefits
    For AmeriHealth HMO and POS group plans, select the DHMO General Dentist network to find a Primary Dental Office (PDO). A PDO must be selected prior to receiving services. PDO referrals are required for specialist services.
    Search the DHMO network