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Employer health plans

Employer health plans Your partner in health insurance

No matter the number of employees you have in your New Jersey business, you can find the group health plan you need from AmeriHealth.

Are you outside of New Jersey and looking for third-party administration services? Check out AmeriHealth Administrators.

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employer at a small business

Small business
Fewer than 50 employees

AmeriHealth is aware of the special kind of support a small business requires. Learn about the programs and tools we have to offer.

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employee at a large business

Large business
50 employees or more

Learn how AmeriHealth’s large selection of plans will cover your vast and unique set of needs while managing health care costs.

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Fixed Funding
5 – 150 employees

These benefit designs allow the benefits and flexibility of a self-funded health plan with a predictable monthly payment.

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woman at a job in the public sector

Public sector employers

AmeriHealth covers the different needs that fall within the public sector. Find out how we can help you manage costs and deliver quality health insurance.

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Employer portal

Take advantage of these features at our employer portal:

  • Manage member health benefits
  • View employee benefit information
  • View member coverage history
  • Pull up submitted transactions
  • Manage invoices and pay bills
  • Get tips for employee wellness education

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