TPA services for self-funded employers

Your health plan. Your way.

For more than a decade, the health insurance industry has been surely and steadily moving from fully insured to self-insured plans. And we've been there since the beginning. Today, we're an industry leader and expert — here to help you navigate every opportunity and risk.

AmeriHealth Administrators offers a comprehensive and tailored approach to self-funding health benefits. Our primary goal is to help you manage the three key aspects of health care — your members' health, the plan, and its cost. By effectively balancing and optimizing all three, we help you promote the health of your employees, improve health care access, and reduce costs by adding value.

No pre-fab solutions here. Everything about our approach to self-funded plans is highly customized. This encompasses everything from plan creation to our highly-configurable platform, data insights, and delivery to ample vendor choices, including stop loss insurance vendors.

Why choose self-funded?

Through a self-funded plan, you can better customize benefits to your location, budget, and members' health needs. You have greater data access and insight to better manage your funds and plan for the future. But you also carry more financial risk.

Self-funded Fully insured
Administrative costs and claims funding? Employer covers monthly per-employee admin fee and funds claims costs Employer pays monthly per-member premium to Insurer
Claims protection Employer purchases stop loss insurance to mitigate risk of high cost claims Insurer covers the risk of high cost claims as part of premium collected from employer
Who retains excess capital at the end of the plan year? Employer Insurer

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Stop loss support

Through administration, reporting, and advocacy, we reduce self-funding risk.

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Claims cost management

Get the insight and support to offer quality healthcare plans at an affordable cost.

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Dedicated account management

Our team of experts is committed to your members' health and your success.

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